Should I Automate My Garage Doors?

If you’re considering automating your garage mechanics, then our blog is here to discuss the advantages of an automatic garage door. Whether you’re buying a new door or upgrading your current one, you’ll find an ease and luxury that comes with electric garage doors.

Before we begin, it is important to note that if you’re upgrading your existing garage door then be wary of any damage or warp to your door. You will require repair or replacement first before you begin with the process of automating it.

The biggest advantage of an automated garage door is convenience. Automation allows you to enter and exit your garage space with very little hassle and the touch of a remote. When you have the children in the car, or if the weather is rubbish outside – the last thing you want to do is get out of your vehicle to open your garage. Automating your garage door eliminates this stress from your life and gives you the ultimate convenience.

Additionally, the easy operation of an automated garage door makes it an ideal solution for those with physical ailments. Opening and shutting garage doors can be challenging for the elderly and disabled.

Security is very important when it comes to your garage and having an automated door is another step in the right direction of ensuring your property’s security. We keep many expensive items in our garages so it is only right that they are as safe as possible. From our cars, to our power tools, bikes and more – thieves often see our garages as a weak spot to target. With an automated door you get a remote that only someone with the correct control will be able to operate.

Automated doors are much more difficult for potential intruders to forcibly enter due to their advanced mechanisms. The knowledge that automating your garage helps keep your family and your belongings safe is comforting to a lot of our clients.

They also discuss how their automated garage door feels a lot safer to operate than a manual door. With a manual door, hitting a person or object with its full weight can cause injury or damage and this can be potentially dangerous for households with children or pets. With automated garage doors, they come with built in safety features that prevent anything or anybody being hit with the full weight of a garage door.

You can choose from a range of gorgeous styles, colours and finishes when opting for an automated door. We work with some of the best suppliers on the market to ensure your garage door is long-lasting and top quality.

Want to know more about automated doors? Speak to a member of our team, we’re happy to discuss your requirements and put together a no-obligation quote for you.



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