Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are the UK’s most popular and common style of lifting gear and there is a vast range of door styles available. Canopy style garage doors can be made with a wide range of materials and finishes to make them suitable for any property. The canopy garage door is the simplest and easiest type of garage door mechanism for installation.

This type of door has vertically running rollers on the door posts and a large torsion spring across the top of the garage door which counter balances its weight. The spring is anchored to the door with cables running down each side of the door. It also slides and tilts up to the roof of the garage; leaving a third of the garage door pointing outwards taking up limited space inside.

Canopy doors are very reliable and hardwearing. They are available in a large range of design, colour and finish options and offer a very cost effective and secure solution for your home. Additionally, canopy garage doors are lightweight and easy to use.

Retractable Garage Doors

Retractable doors offer an alterative to canopy doors as they operate using a different gear for up and over doors. Horizontal tracks are attached to the top of the door frame to guide the door open and provide a smooth opening and closing action that works perfectly with electric operation. Due to their unique hinge, retractable doors swing outwards then upwards when operated which provides much-needed roof space in your garage.

Fast becoming one of the most popular garage door types, retractable garage doors are noted for their high security. All the models in our range will protect your possessions from both the weather and unwanted intrusions. Retractable doors are perfect choice for those who want an up-and-over door with automation. The type of gear used in this product has been specially designed for use with an electric operator.

Our range of retractable doors are made to measure from the highest-quality materials that ensures ease-of-use and reliability for many years. Our doors are not just functional and secure; they also look great. With a range which includes doors made from a range of materials, including metal and wood, there is something to complement any style of home.

Slide – Hinged Doors

Available in a range of styles with a wide choice of colours, side-hinged garage doors provide an added beauty and value to your home. Side-hinged doors are measured and manufactured with leaves that open outwards. These doors are firmly framed and fixed at each side which swing outwards onto your driveway. Ideal for providing extra space inside the garage and a great solution for garages where access to internal wall space is required near the door.

This style of garage door is perfect for those who require a ‘traditional’ look and offers the ideal solution for easy on-foot access to your garage. Additionally, side-hinged doors provide excellent security due to their robust construction.

Side-hinged garage doors can be automated upon request and our timeless designs are incredibly easy to maintain. Whether you opt for a centre split or off-centre split side-hinged doors, our doors combine robust with reliable for those who require simple personal access. This style of garage door is most suited for vehicle storage but is ideal for an office, a gym, playroom, storage or something similar – basically any outdoor area that requires regular footfall.

GRP Doors

These doors are made from extremely tough yet very flexible materials that can withstand all the knocks, bumps and bangs of family life. These natural looking doors replicate the ageless appeal of real timber with the resilience of GRP. With this product being such a fantastic naturally insulating material, your garage door is virtually maintenance free. It will not shrink, warp, crack, peel or rust.

Our brilliant range of GRP doors are suitable for any property and our variety of designs complement any home. Choose from a variation of door types; from up and over to sectional and roller. The mechanism is ideal for automation, meaning you can open and close the door using a remote control. All of these doors are bespoke and made to order.

These doors represent the best, not only in looks, but also in terms of safety, security and durability. The composition of the material ensures improved security against forced entry without adding excessive weight.

Roller Doors

Roller garage doors are constructed from individual interlocking slats which rolls up in a ‘curtain’ effect around a steal drum to open and close. The electronic motor is contained within the steel barrier so for safety a sensor is fitted to prevent accidental damage and injury. The vertical opening mechanism means that the door does not swing out when it is opening so you can safely park right up to the door and providing valuable space for larger vehicles.

Combined with great style and ease of use, roller garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners wanting effortless protection for their property. They’re one of the most secure types of garage door on the market due to the fact they don’t give potential intruders a clear point of entry. Roller garage doors are durable yet easy to operate and fully automated to make the most out of your door. These doors provide great protection from the weather, as they seal well against the elements.

Roller doors are available in a range of colours and finishes. All the Roller doors are made to measure allowing the door to fit in garages of all shapes and sizes.

Sectional Doors

Allowing for the best possible use of space and complete convenience, sectional garage doors are a great option for homeowners wanting ease without compromising on style. We recommend sectional doors for those who need additional space in front of their garage, for example for a second car on the driveway or for garages located near roads or pavements where passers-by could be at risk.

Sectional doors work by individual elements known as sections being connected by hinges. These elements then roll up or down vertically and slide underneath the garage’s ceiling conveniently meaning very little space is used. As a sectional door doesn’t swing out, it means you can make use

of every last bit of space on your property. On top of that, they look however you want them to, as you can choose from numerous surface finishes, colours and patterns.

You can upgrade your sectional garage door with an automatic system if required. The door and automation system is a package that is fully CE compliant and in line with European safety regulations. We offer a sectional door that is attractive in design, reliable and provides safe operation for many years.

Special Design Doors

If you require an alternative style garage door to suit your requirements then we also provide a special design service. Your garage door is often a major part of your property’s frontage so it’s important that it is a symbol of your welcoming home. Combining beautiful design with unparalleled quality, our specially designed garage doors are the door you want, made to your specifications with an unbeatable price tag.

Available in a huge range of colours, our special design garage doors can also be fitted with electric and remote operation, giving you the best choice of garage doors you can buy. It is our job to understand your individual taste and cater to create a perfect solution. We work to your brief and strive to exceed your expectations, so let your creativity take control and put us to the test.

Choose from a variety of design solutions, with minimalist and traditional designs to suit all types of homes – our range is vast and varied catering for all requirements and budgets. Our special design products combine a simple style with ultimate security.

Personnel Doors

Often known as a pedestrian door, personnel doors make a practical additional entry for your garage. These door styles are designed for garages and out buildings that do not require a wide door access and are often closer in size to a standard entry door. Personnel doors are ideal for convenient access to a garage when you don’t want to open the main door.

Our side-hinged personnel doors are extremely safe and incorporate a multi-locking system for optimum security and our personnel doors are built to be extra strong and resistant against forced entry. We make sure they’re the perfect fit for your pedestrian access, meaning great insulation and protection from the weather. We only use the finest components to produce our personnel garage doors, ensuring a complete peace of mind warranty.

Personnel doors are available in a multitude of finishes. Clients often want their personnel door to match their garage door to achieve an outstanding appearance, so we provide a comprehensive range of styles, colours and materials to coordinate with your garage door. Lever handles come as standard for an attractive finish.

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