What Material Is The Best Choice For Your Garage Doors?

Choosing a new garage door can be a little more complicated than you may first realise. There are a range of things to consider such as styles, ways of opening, automation and the material used to make the door. A new garage door should last for 20 years, it’s not something that needs to be replaced on a regular basis and so your options should be carefully considered.

When thinking about the types of material available for garage doors there are four to consider and here we break down those choices for you to help you make choosing your new garage door as painless as possible.

Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP)

GRP has a strength-to-weight ratio comparable to that of steel. The fact that it is a material that is commonly used in the yacht-building industry demonstrates its strength and weather resistant capabilities. With GRP, details such as panelling stand out very well and due it’s strength and durability it is particularly good at withstanding vandalism or potential burglars. This is a low-maintenance material that insulates well and should maintain its attractive appearance for many years to come.

Garage doors in this material are available in from Northern Doors in a variety of styles as well as opening designs and mechanisms.


Steel’s durability and strength combined with a sleek, modern look has made it one of the most the most popular choices for garage doors for some time. The fact that steel can come in a variety of colours means that it works well in both contemporary and traditional settings. The paint finishes on steel garage doors can be either a plastisol coating, which will give a smooth or textured non-maintenance exterior (the interior can be primed), or powder coating, a baked polyester covering with a smooth texture for exterior and interior surfaces. Plastisol coating normally has a life of about 10 years. Powder coating can be repainted. Steel can be a cost-effective option for customers, it is not as efficient an insulator as some other finishes, but it offers toughness in both its up-and-over and insulated steel sectional versions.


ABS is an excellent choice to compliment white uPVC door and window fittings. It is a robust and impact resistant material and more than capable of standing up to most knocks taken in modern life, from stray footballs and bicycle tyres to the occasional miss-timed car bumper. This is also a very low-maintenance, lightweight material and a good choice for modern, busy lives.


uPVC is the material commonly used in the construction of window fittings and a lot of replacement front doors. This material is durable, lightweight and very low maintenance, all making it a popular choice for garage doors.

Due to the fact that a lot of windows are now uPVC, you will likely be able to find something in this range that complements your home. Not only does it look gorgeous with the rest of your home’s fixtures, but it is also extremely durable against weathers and general day to day bumps and bangs.

Due to its natural properties, uPVC doors mean that you no longer have to paint your garage every two years. A quick clean semi-regularly is all it takes for these doors to keep these doors looking good for many years to come.

Built to last, all our garage doors are a timeless and reliable choice. Whatever material, style and colour you choose from our wide range here at Northern Doors will be a strong and secure garage door that will look good for years to come with the minimum effort.



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